The viewing tower on Pyramidenkogel

Information on the viewing tower

In 2013, the reconstructed viewing tower was opened on the summit of Pyramidenkogel, at 851 metres above sea level. At 100 metres tall, it is the highest wooden viewing tower in the world.

Pyramidenkogel-Tower ©Gert-Steinthaler
The tower is located amidst Carinthia’s captivating landscape

The construction comprises 16 immense, elliptically arranged, larch glulam supports and 80 diagonal steel braces. The actual structure is 67 metres high. Resting on this is the tower head with the two highest viewing platforms and the ‘Sky Box’. The ‘Sky Box’ (on the 9th floor) is entirely glazed, giving it protection from the elements.

Pyramidenkogel Unforgettable views ©Tine Steinthaler
Unforgettable views

At a height of nearly 71 metres, you will find the highest viewing platform, while the largest of the three viewing platforms can be found at a height of 64.16 metres.

With its 18-metre tall aerial, the building is exactly 100 metres high. The viewing tower was designed by Klagenfurt architects Markus Klaura and Dietmar Kaden.

360-degree views climbing the 441 steps and from the lift

Whilst climbing up the 441 steps or during a ride in the panoramic lift, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Carinthia’s wonderful lakes and mountains. The lift transports up to 20 people at a time to a height of 70 metres.

From a height of 52 metres within the viewing tower, Europe’s tallest indoor tunnel slide shoots down 120 metres to the ground floor. Speeds of up to 25 km/h can be reached on the 20-second ride.

The Pyramidenkogel slide
The slide brings visitors quickly to the ground floor

Restaurant & playground

On the ground floor on the main tower building, there is a restaurant which serves national and international dishes, the ticket sales office and a souvenir shop. In the outdoor area there is a spacious playground to entertain the little ones. It has a large climbing frame with slide, as well as some swings and a hill in which a tunnel system is hidden. At the end of the terrace there is a playhouse for very small children.


Visitors can reach the tower easily by car or by bus. Wheelchair access to the tower is ensured with disabled parking directly next to the building. A bus connection is offered in summer (15th May – 15th September) between Reifnitz (public lido, near the Reifnitz boat landing pier) and Pyramidenkogel. It is possible to purchase a combination ticket for the viewing tower, bus and a boat trip with WSG on the largest lake in Carinthia, Lake Wörthersee, and also with entry to Minimundus, the ‘miniature world at Lake Wörthersee’.

Pyramidenkogel parking, (c) pixelpoint/ Nicolas Zangerle
There are plenty of parking spaces available

Hiking to Pyramidenkogel

Hiking to Pyramidenkogel (c) pixelpoint/Handler
Walking through the wonderful countryside to Pyramidenkogel

Lots of hiking paths lead to Pyramidenkogel. Here you can find the hiking paths on which you can make your way to the viewing tower: